X1-GTR Mountain Bike

X1-GTR Mountain Bike

X1-24er Mountain Bike

High-end premium mountain bike with a striking colour. This high carbon steel 24-inch frame bicycle delivers maximum toughness and makes it highly manoeuvrable and super fun to ride. It is a tough, stylish dirt jump/street bike that balances form and function. It features Shimano shifter and Shimano derailleurs, with full front suspension to handle rough treatment both on the dirt, and around town.

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X1-24er Mountain Bike
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  • 21 Speed mountain bike with Shimano shifters
  • Full front suspension
  • Shimano derailleurs
  • ATA-7 crankset, black MKS Pedal
  • High carbon steel frame, 24-inch
  • Superior matte finish
  • Ergonomically-designed seat
  • Aerodynamic frame design
  • Front and rear precision disk brake
  • 21-speed Shimano Thumb Shifters


Your bike arrives 80% assembled in the box. All you have to do is install the front wheel & brakes, attach your handlebars, insert the seat-post and attach the pedals. Brakes and gears may also need some adjustment prior to riding.

Whilst it is simple enough to do this yourself, we recommend that you get this bike assembled by an experienced bicycle mechanic.

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